Kevan Cullins


It all started with Tabby Thomas at his little place on North Boulevard in Baton Rouge Louisiana called "The Blues Box"...


Kevan will tell you: "When it rained, we got wet!"



Kevan is the real deal. He is an authentic southern blues man. His Fender Stratocaster is signed by none other than Buddy Guy. He also plays bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica, sings and composes.


Kevan was born in Liberia on the West Coast of Africa. His mother was from Baton Rouge; his father from Little Rock Arkansas. He moved to Colorado Springs around the age of 11 and later attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. When he was 21 he came back to Baton Rouge to visit his grandmother. To hear him tell it: "the girls were pretty, the nightlife was good, the food was great, and wages were generous, so I never went back!"


Tabby Thomas

Tabby Thomas

Raful Neal

Raful Neal

Silas Hogan

Silas Hogan

Henry Gray

Henry Gray

Chris LeBlanc

Chris LeBlanc

Mamie Porter

Mamie Porter


He got his start back in the day playing with Tabby Thomas, Rayful Neal and Silas Hogan. At one point he played with Henry Gray and Chris LeBlanc in a trio at the Varsity Theater in Baton Rouge. In fact, Mamie Porter credits him with getting her start in Kevan's 501 Blues Band. Over the years Kevan has played with some of the finest musicians around including: (in no particular order...)


Sam Hogan

“Guitar” Kelly

J Monque'D

James Johnson

Larry Garner


King Floyd

WW Woolfolk

Chris Thomas King

Sammy Thornton

Phil Guy (Buddy's brother)

"Ready" Teddy McQuiston

Troy Turner

Kenny Neal

Li'l Ray Neal

Larry Neal

Smokehouse Porter

T-bone Singleton

Eden Brent

Rudy Richard

Chicago Al

Kenny Acosta

Oscar Davis

Hoodoo Jimmy Simpson

Johnny Rossetti

Ryan Patterson

Will Wesley

David Hyde

Joe Monk

David Robinson

Cleveland Jefferson

LC Carney

Raymond Curtis

and many more...